Chill Out and Have Fun at the Westlake Village

Regardless of whether you indulge in a richly flavored glass of wine, or any other kind of aperitif, be sure to head over to the Mediterraneo Westlake Village to enjoy the best happy hour yet. Best of all, you have free corkage on Tuesdays, not to mention the very delicious seasonal and fresh cuisine and a host of contemporary and classic favorites you can take advantage of. To know more check their site Http://

The place is stuffed with luxury as it is located a wonderful vineyard and a lake hence it can be a great Romantic spot. Both tourists and locals commonly visit this stylish Mediterranean Restaurant as a way to catch up on some of the latest news and events over a pint of beer or two throughout happy hour that frequently takes place in between 4pm to 7pm from Monday to Friday.

What makes happy hour especially exciting is the hype created around it, and that the price of your favorite drinks are slashed in half, if not more. According to resources, the term ‘happy hour’ had its origin on board some Navy ships in the U.S throughout 1920. It was originally a period for amusement to entertain tenants of the ship. Interestingly, it was only during the 80s that food got added to happy hours so as to prevent the effects of drinking too much liquor.

Why Do People Head to Mediterraneo Westlake Village for Happy Hour?

the most typical reason why there are plenty of visitors in Mediterraneo Westlake village is that its place is perfect for a rest period and venting out of emotional stress. Besides, the atmosphere is electric, the illumination is simply right, and the bar area proves to be very inviting with soft music to place you in the perfect mood for the remainder of the night.

However, this happy hour destination always have one or the other event that serves to be the perfect kind of amusement. The location Mediterraneo has is excellent that the moments spent will remembered forever. Guests can utilize the Vintage Room that has its very own exclusive entrance circled by attractive views of the Westlake Village Inn gardens along with a babbling stream on the outside. Know more and continue reading at

One thing is for certain, the Mediterraneo Westlake Village like so many other bars and dining establishments don’t fall short with regards to offering specialty drinks and delicious treats during happy hour. What is really nice is that clients can take advantage of the wilderness, have a memorable dining experience, take advantage of the slashed rates on their wanted beverages, or prepare for a big get together or get together where they can enjoy the company of their buddies after a hard day at work.